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MusicFilter: What's this song - the only lyrics I can recall are "Mila Hoo Mila Haa" or something like that, which is the chorus. It's techno, robot-like/warped vocals, loud bass, and I've seen people dance the robot to it.
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Possibly a remix of Dragostea Din Tei without the verses? It's common for clubs to play dance remixes sans verses nowadays.
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Got to be O-Zone's Dragostea din tei.
posted by Wolfdog at 1:15 PM on December 22, 2005

Something like this?
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I forget the name of the song, but might'nt it be the techno version of the one that chubby kid sang in the homemade video that got so many downloads that he couldn't take the exposure and got all depressed or something?

On preview: yeah that one.
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I didn't think anyone would get that because of my vague description. But that was fast, thanks!
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Yep, most definitely the Romanian boy-band O-Zone. I was over there for a few months in 2003, and that song seemed to be the Romanian National Anthem at the time - everyone from age 3 to 83 would sing and dance along whenever it came on the radio! And it really seems to be making the rounds. I've seen it on a Chicken Little commercial here, and even heard it at a bar in Guatemala earlier this year!
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"Miya hee, miya hoo," I think, in case you want to sing along. And make a homemade video and put it online.
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