Bra sized long-line bikini top for a 40H
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Summer approaches, and having embraced the idea that all you need to do to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body, for the first time in my ENTIRE LIFE I am bikini shopping. I would like one with bra sizing, and the sort of long line coverage seen in this top at Torrid. Alas, Torrid doesn't have bra sizing, and the bra-sized tops I've seen (e.g. Elomi) don't have that long-line coverage below the cups. Does anyone know where I can find what I'm looking for?
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I don't know what your bottom size is, but it looks like Lane Bryant has one.
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if that has been your size for a while- and don't anticipate major changes in the next few years- I'd recommend putting down for a custom-made one (not on line- go to a nice custom lingerie and have one made. Taylored to fit you and made based on your specific comfort is going to make you use it more and get better value anyway. A nice swimsuit that lasts runs a hundred bucks plus anyway!
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Freya has great large cup size swimwear (in addition to bras which you prob already know about).
They have a few long line ones.
I like this sporty style or this bright one
Also check out the figleaves swim shop, you can narrow by bikini and then do a page search for longline.
I like this one or this one.
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Decent Exposures has several styles and might make a long line of their bikini one to order.
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Here's a cute longline bikini top from Cleo by Panache. Super cute from Pour Moi. Figleaves own brand.

This Panache almost counts; doesn't look like they have any longline bikini tops in their collection this year, nor does Cleo.

Freya with removable criss-cross straps.

Oh jeez I just saw you put your size in the title, so ignore those figleaves ones, they're sold out. Is that UK or US cup? Here's a link to Bratabase 40H (UK) swimwear and 40H (US) to at least give you an idea what to look for.

How about Curvy Kate Siren? or Luau Love? They're bandeaus, not longlines, but maybe?
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Victoria's Secret has a wide selection of all styles and their sizing is on point. The prices aren't bad either. I've only bought swimsuits there for the past 8 years and the quality is perfection. Shop online for the most variety.
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As a FF (I think it's a US H--I tend to buy UK sized bras bc my fave brands are sized that way), bra-sized swimwear changed my whole outlook on bathing suits.

Unfortunately I don't have any longline-specific recommendations (I got the Cassie Balconette from Cleo last year but it doesn't seem to be available anymore) but I wanted to plug BareNecessities and Herroom as sites that carry quality bra sized swimwear. Some of the bikini tops I see on BN now aren't true long lines but do have, like, an extended/reinforced band Instead of this kind of flimsy crap, which might be an alternative if the reason you want the longline is for support. I'm on my phone so I can't do a very useful search but maybe that'll help...
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(sadly Victoria's Secret never worked for me, despite the fact many people love their swim stuff. Their largest cup size was ludicrously inadequate)
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The one thing I'd suggest is reinforcing the straps if there are any strap rings involved and/or if the straps are thin. After much hand-wringing, I bought a $118 suit from Bare Necessities last year and it was really nice; the cups were only like an F (I am an H or J) but it was a wrap, so I figured it covered enough and I could maybe get the cups replaced. So I wore it to the pool, ONCE, and when I got home I noticed that the little tab to which the ring was connected was almost detached from the body of the suit. NOT OKAY. The company did say they'd refund me, and it looked like a pretty simple repair anyways, but I would keep an eye out if I were you.

What if you bought a tankini top and trimmed it up to the shape you want?
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ASOS (the UK site at least) has a great selection of longline bikini tops (and matching high waist bottoms) at the moment in their "fuller bust" range. They go up to a UK size G.

I've bought swimwear from them and the quality is so-so; you'll happily get a season out of it but tbh you might need to replace next year. Their sizing is also a little hit and miss so buy a couple and return the duds.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for these suggestions!
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I cannot recommend Swimsuits For All highly enough. Great customer service, wonnnnnderful suits. I have two, and I think about buying more even though I don't lead a particularly beachy life.
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