Where have all the ticks gone in Arizona?
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My dogs in the 70s' never left the yard, in Phoenix, yet ticks were an issue. Tons…I can remember my Dad burning them off with a cigarette (probably not the best way.) FF to 2016, I've had a dog since 2013, no ticks nor fleas. He goes to the dog park 4 times a week (not the cleanest place.) I've had three cats for 20 years, no issues. The new area is in Tucson. Is it an area thing, climate thing, or are ticks on the downward spiral?

I remember dog poop used to turn white in the 70s' because they included too much calcium.
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Ticks hang around in shady bushes and tall grass, roughly two feet off the ground. Dog parks tend not to have that kind of habitat. Backyards do.
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Interesting, as this was farmland converted to home development
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In fact a German Shepard (mix) bit me as I was retrieving my model rocket in the fields to become Metro Center
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on the butt
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I say climate change. But I'm not an expert. How are the bees? Maybe the fertilizer there kills ticks?
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Bees are good.
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So, my parents theory is they were digging up a gigantic mall area and the tick just migrated into the home developments, Farmland converted into asphalt.
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When i was a kid growing up in Scottsdale (1970s era), our home was overrun with crickets. We had the occasional roach now and then. And an abundance of black widows in the backyard, too. We never had ticks, though.

My folks still live in the same home, which is now cricket, spider, and roach free.

They were invaded by geckos some years ago and the little lizards seem to have quite an appetite for the aforementioned bugs. Perhaps they like ticks, too?
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Fire ants eat them. As the fire ant population has increased the tick population has decreased. True story.
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Perhaps, I remember Black Widows back then too. Were more horny toads then though too
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Ahh the ants... my gut says that is the answer.
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Thank you for the answers, I think Ms Molly hit the target. Problem solved?
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Our animals didn't have fleas or ticks in the '70s. We lived on South Mountain, in the actual desert.

Did we go to different high schools together?
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Everybody else is giving their dogs regular flea&tick medicine so dog to dog transmission is probably much lower now than it was decades ago.

You really should be giving your dog flea & tick medicine.
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