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I (very) recently started a blog using Wordpress and a domain that I own. I was tweaking domain names and nameservers today and everything went haywire. Halp!

So, let's say the domain is at 4ster', and let's say I own and (I don't, but let's pretend). My hosting company is Dotster.

At, I have told to forward to 4ster' I have also told Dotster to use the Wordpress nameservers so that and go to 4ster' I have also set this up at Wordpress, with the .org address being the primary domain.

However, when I go to the address, nothing comes up, just a blank screen. I am guessing that this is the result of one of two things:

Thing 1: It takes a while for changes to nameservers to start working.

Thing 2: I have royally screwed things up.

Any insight you can provide would be great. Thanks, as always for your help.
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It can take up to 24 hours or longer for everything to sync up properly. You've probably not messed anything up! :)
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It could certainly be thing 1. How long ago did you make these changes?

Otherwise, if you've set the nameserver for your domain to the Wordpress nameservers, and followed the instructions on the Wordpress end, then you should not have forwarding to 4ster' at Perhaps that is causing some issues.

Just to check, but is your domain registered with or some other domain registrar? You don't need a hosting company in the mix if your Wordpress site is hosted at
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A) Go back and make sure there are no typos. Make sure it doesn't say instead of or whatever.
B) Give it 24 hours. If it is still a problem, contact your tech support people.

I have had domains not work because of a typo. A typo is easy to make, easy to miss. If it has been less than an hour, yeah, you just need to give it time. I always takes a little time.

Also, there are usually two servers. Make sure there are no typos in any of the entries because that can create a situation where sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, depending upon which server you are pinging.
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the .com and .org were originally registered with Dotster. I made this change within the last hour.
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Sorry if you've already tried this, but have you cleared your browser cache?
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Cleared the cache. Same problem.
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I apologize for thread sitting, but the blog loads now, without the graphics. Does that mean anything?
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And now everything is working properly. Apologies for being so impatient.
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Pics can load slower than text. Or, you might have an error in the graphics link/files/something.
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Right-click on one of the broken image symbols. What is the URL?
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Looks like its already fixed, but the next time you have issues like this, ping and nslookup are two good tools to expose what IP the name is being resolved too. nslookup can also give you more detailed information about which DNS server is returning that information.
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