Psilocybin Mushrooms clinically? where do i find such treatment?
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I have heard that Psilocybin Mushrooms have shown to have clinical benefits for depression and addiction among other things. I have had recreational experience with it in the 70s-80s but have not used it since then. I am interested in exploring a clinical treatment with Psilocybin Mushrooms but have no idea where to start looking. Does anyone have any experience with this clinically or have any suggestions of direction to take? Thanks Hive...Be well
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You can find clinical trials involving psilocybin here.

Honestly, though, your best bet is probably just to try and buy some shrooms.
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Can't say much more than Luto above other than to mention that they are fairly easy to grow as well, which gives you the added benefit of knowing where they came from. Certainly try to get into a trial first.
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I haven't read that much about microdosing, which people have talked about here... what I have read (about probably larger doses) suggests the context of consumption might be important (but that is just from a casual read, you know). Have you seen this thread on the blue? Worth checking out some of the resources there. (And/or maybe doing a deep Google search of relevant stories, and seeing if names of any practitioners who use this technique locally come up. And doing your research in terms of those people's reps. Probably the trials are the way to go.)
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On the off chance you're not living in the US, the (somewhat more limited) Canadian equivalent to can be found here.

EU clinical trials database:

UK clinical trials database:

Another international trial registry affiliated with the WHO is the ISRCTN Registry:
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Related: there are also trials for using clinically administered MDMA + therapy to combat depression and PTSD. Some of the initial results seem really encouraging. There's a subreddit dedicated to it called /r/MDMAtherapy, although it's still in the trial phase. Good luck.
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