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I would like to apply to earn my California Teaching Credentials, but a checkered history of past transgressions may disqualify me. Worth it to try anyway?

I made some mistakes when I was younger and picked up a couple criminal charges that reflected poorly on my behavior. (A couple misdemeanors 15 years ago -- no problems since.)

I understand that part of the process to earn one's credentials includes a LiveScan fingerprint/background check that is corroborated by the DOJ/FBI. There are several other steps (education, certifications, interviews, etc.) that must be completed in order to receive a teaching credential, but I'd like to know if that one step will disqualify me outright should I commit to spending all the time and money to complete all the other steps.

Is there a way to shortcut the process and see if I'm eligible or not, or must I first complete all the other criteria?
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I can't answer your question, but I work with a credential program on a UC campus and I can give you the phone number of a person who can absolutely provide you with the information you're looking for. She need not know who you are -- you'd be making the phone call equivalent of an anonymous AskMe question.

If you're interested, send me a MeMail (or ask a mod to contact me if you want to remain totally anonymous).
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I am not your credential specialist, but I went through the credential clearing process in the last year.

MY credential specialist said that as long as we were honest about past transgressions on any and all background check forms, the credentialing commission (CTC specifically, I'm in California), had a policy of generally overlooking "youthful indiscretions" including DUIs if the incident hasn't been repeated.

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