where can I buy a pom pom ring like this?
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I am looking for somewhere that sells this pom pom ring. It's a small black tinsel pom pom glued to an adjustable ring. I feel like i should be able to find them in bulk somewhere but haven't had luck looking online. I would try DIYing them but I haven't been able to find that size black pom poms in the right size 3/4-1 in diameter. These rings are my cat's favorite toys and we're down to the last one. They originally came with a nail polish order. I emailed the polish maker but didn't hear back I've bought her tinsel poms but she seems to only really love these rings.
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You can get that type of Pom Pom by itself and the adjustable ring also separately at most large craft stores. I am not sure how they are joined together from your picture, but these could be made fairly easily. If you want, feel free to memail me for more specifics later since I cannot check my craft sources easily in my iPhone. Looking at it, it should be fairly easy to make a bunch.
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Please don't let your (beautiful!) cat play with tinsel, it can cause all kinds of issues in their digestive system.
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Not to threadsit but what we are talking about are little pom poms. And she doesn't eat them.
Any leads on crafting would be helpful.
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I have seen bags of those exact pom-poms (bright colors, not black, though) at Michael's craft stores. If adding a ring is a must, I would hot glue as opposed to sewing (pom-poms basically have one connection point in the center and it's easy to miss with a needle. It will seem sewn together until it suddenly isn't)
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I've seen these in pet stores too! Amazon has some, but it may be cheaper at a craft store. The cat specific ones are a bit bigger (probably the same size as a ping pong ball). I've seen them at PetSmart and Target too. Amazon also has the ring part which has a nice little platform to mount the pom.
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My cat loves these crinkly mylar ball toys from Target.
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This looks like the pompom on your ring. They're 1-inch.
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No idea, but I have one that I could mail to you and your adorable kitty (I thought my cats would be interested, but they weren't). Memail if you're interested!
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