Outskirts of switzerland: I can't drive!
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Hi all! I want to visit the small town of Le Noirmont in June, and the problem is, I can't drive. According to google maps, there is a train service that runs from Bern to Le Noirmont, so I think I will begin my adventure in Bern!

Could any Mefites please chime in if I can get around on my own using the public transport and just English?
My knowledge of German and French is just not usable.

I'm planning to arrive on the 31st of May, explore Bern, then take the trains up to Le Noimont on the 1st of June and stay overnight - I am hoping to attend a watch making class on the 2nd, then take the train back to Bern in the evening.

Many thanks!
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Best answer: Switzerland is ridiculously easy to get around in by train. Bern to Le Noimont runs pretty much every hr on 5/31 and requires a transfer- probably at Biel, but it will be a super easy one -everything will be clearly labeled in English and will be easy to sort out.

Don't fear the train! it's easy! the swiss train website is excellent for planning out your train travels and includes adorable little maps of your route.
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Best answer: Oh absolutely you can do this! Lots of Swiss speak English, their trains are supremely well-organized and run exactly on time, and their signage is excellent.
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Best answer: Once I was waiting for a bus to leave from a small, rural Swiss train station. About a minute before scheduled departure, there was an announcement - in French, then German, and then English - very apologetically explaining that the train was late, the bus would have to wait for the train passengers, and therefore we would be unavoidably delayed.

Approximately 48 seconds after our scheduled departure time, the train passengers stepped on the bus and we left.

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And there's Uber.
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Best answer: Yes, it's very easy to get around in Switzerland speaking English, in Bern especially. I was there before I started speaking German (it's what inspired me to learn), and the only German words I ever needed were "Greuzi!" and "danke", and even those were just me trying to be polite.
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Response by poster: Hi everyone!
Many thanks, as well as a shout to those who answered by email! I am much more comfortable now, can't wait to get there!!!!

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