How to watch the Mets while in Oakland
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I, a New Yorker, will be spending the month of May in Oakland, CA. What are my (legal) options for watching the Mets on my computer? (The home where I'm staying has no TV.) I am a Time Warner cable customer. Also happy to hear suggestions for East Bay bars that are likely to carry Mets games, but watching at home is my top priority.
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This is what was made for. $25 for one month. You won't be able to see in-market games, so if you want to watch the game on 5/1 you'll need to find a different way to watch the Giants game (though that should be easy).
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I bit the bullet for this year as I'm out of market for my favorite team, and it really is great. No issues whatsoever. The picture is amazing on my big TV and I get to hear the local guys' commentary. Strong second for!
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Nthing It's how I watch most of my A's and Giants games in Boston.
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You might just be able to stream the games on your laptop through Time Warner, depending on how Mets games are usually televised. I subscribe to MLB TV and it's great, but I use my mom's Dish login when games are blacked out because they're televised nationally (ESPN, last year's playoffs on TBS).
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I may be too late, but for a while there was a promotion where being a TMobile customer gave you automatic access to MLB TV. I haven't seen so many Sox games in years, thanks to that.
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nthing Works great. I've been watching Dodgers games in the South for years with it (other than the games that are blacked out here, of course).
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As interesting as sounds, I think jabes might just have it. It appears that I can watch Time Warner on my computer! Let's see if that still works when I'm logging in from Oakland, though. If not, I might still need to get, but hopefully this will work. Thanks for all the tips!
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There is a good chance that the games will be blacked out for streaming through your cable provider. I've tried to watch the Red Sox on NESN with my parents Comcast account and it does not work.
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