What Companies Have Remote Tech Support Opportunities?
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This is probably the first of what is to be many questions about moving to a different state, hooray! Currently I work in a tech support-ish sort of job, answering customer emails. I love what I do, but I can't do it from a different state. Load me up with companies who have remote support opportunities, please?

After years of fantasizing, Mr Queso and I are finally thinking seriously about moving to Washington or Oregon, like every other person our age. I once worked in a virtual call center environment and the money sucked (about $12/hour) but the work was decent. I would love to do something a little bit more specialized and higher paid (more like $25-$30/hour), like I do now, but from home!

I am familiar with Buffer and Trello. What other companies allow you to work remotely, but don't require being a programmer or developer? I have experience supporting SaaS and tons of customer support experience. I can learn new programs/apps quickly, and would prefer not to have to talk on the phone very much. Call center work was a little too sales-heavy, and the back-to-back calls wore me out. Currently I handle around 100 or more emails a day and enjoy that pace.

I welcome all links, company names, job ideas, etc!
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Best answer: https://weworkremotely.com/ is one I peruse when I get frustrated with my current paycheck provider.
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I know that Cisco has remote employees doing some kinds of support (including something like billing support, researching credit requests and that sort of thing), but I don't know if it's a lot of positions or just a relative few.
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gandi.net's US office does this, or has done it.
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Best answer: In addition to the previously-cited weworkremotely.com, you might also check remoteok.io, wfh.io, and jobspresso.com. And I always throw this out there.
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Best answer: I have used flexjobs.com to research companies and find remote positions. There's a subscription fee, but I've found three different remote positions using it.
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Best answer: Disclaimer: I work for Automattic, and I work in hiring for our Happiness team.

Automattic is a 100% remote company, and you might be interested in our Happiness Engineer positions (one is mainly working with WordPress.com users, the other is working with WooCommerce.) Take a look.
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Response by poster: Thanks y'all! Based on these answers I think I am even less qualified for things than I feared. Barista-ing may be in my PacNW future. ;-)
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Starratt Scheetz has a great newsletter with remote jobs. Also, Automattic is pretty great.
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AppleCare (Apple's customer support group) has all kinds of at home positions. In fact, I believe most, if not all, of the people you contact via chat/email/phone are actually working from home.

In fact, I met one of their recruiters at a wedding, and he works from his house in Orlando, Florida.

Here's a current job posting. You can ignore the city it mentions. In fact, the posting itself says the city is irrelevant since it's an at home job.

I'm an engineer for Apple Music, so I am obviously biased, but I think Apple is a wonderful company to work for.
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