In a rut or time for change? Careerchange filter with art dream caveat
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I started in Montessori Preschool education a little over 6 years ago right out of college and I LOVE it... except I don't. Working in the confines of a school is getting really physically and emotionally taxing, especially since my life has done a 180 Snowflakes->

I started this career in a completely different place in my life than I am now-
Married, looking to have several children: Divorced with hereditary infertility (symptoms also include a weak immune system- schoolhouse hell). I thought that staying in the classroom would be cathartic, but I think it's just making me plain 'ol sad.

Now that things in my personal life are beginning to run clear after 2 years, I need help from you, O! Greenies!

My endgame was opening up my own small Montessori school so I could do things "my way".

(KC-NYC-MSP- looking to move back to NYC. Host of reasons, my mind is pretty set on this.)

Some options I'm seeking out for revision:

Stick with it!:
I love kids and think my work is really important, but there are so many hoops to jump through- especially in NYC - to even to work at a preschool as a lead teacher. (Need to get my Masters- not sold on this, since I feel like I don't want to contribute to an already broken system and I'm not itching to get in to more debt for a system I don't believe in)

Open up a school wherever you want!:
This would be amazing, I have all the plans set out (true) and I could live out my days ruling my own kingdom. Except that's very idealistic. I could probably NOT do this in NYC.

Day job/ night art!:
I wish I could do this- but I get sick for multiple days at a time at LEAST every 2 months. A day job would spit me out.

I'm not sold on staying in NYC forever unless something really special pans out. However, I do want to stay there for at least 5-10 years on my next career adventure.

My most viable option, I feel, is a "private Montessori educator" in NYC for a well-to-do family.
Has anyone done private education or nannying and had a lot of success? Is it gratifying?

My dream is to work in the arts in some capacity and I think nannying/ private educator may meet the criteria of "day/part week" to create at night/ on off days.

I beg of you, please help me!
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If your immune system is a problem, I don't think that nannying is a good line of work for you. Kids manage to pick up bugs by virtue of being kids, and share them freely. As a working parent who barely has things glued together and relies on an after school nanny to make things work, unplanned absences are SUPER disruptive and hard for me to work around.

I hope you find a good and fulfilling line of work, but I'm not sure nannying is the best choice.
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