What is the sandal equivalent of an ankle boot?
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I pretty much live in these Madewell ankle boots all fall, winter, and as far into spring as sweaty feet allow. What is the sandal version of these? Excessive detail inside.

I live in SF and basically wear the same thing every day: blue straight-leg jeans, a (usually plain white) t-shirt (or occasionally an oversized button-down), a chunky cardigan, a colourful scarf and ankle boots. Occasionally I'll switch it up and wear a plain dress and a driving shoe. Most of my clothes are from Madewell or Everlane. As you can see, I'm pretty lazy dresser and have the sort of generically casual tomboy style that one would expect of a tech worker in her late 20s, which is what I am. Now that it's getting warmer, I'm looking for the sandal equivalent of the ankle boot: casual, with a comfortable heel, monster foot- and bunion-friendly (I'm 5'6" and wear size 10 so I'm hard to knock over and look like a capital L in flats) and neutral enough to go with the same uniform that I intend to keep wearing forever and ever.

I really dig these Swedish Hasbeens (but $250?) and bought these Lotta from Stockholm's as a runner up (I like them 25% less but it cost like 60% less so I guess I came out ahead).

I'm looking for something else that's less...wooden. I'm probably willing to throw down up to $150 and to put some time into breaking them in. Please help me find some more sandals!
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How do you feel about Doc Martens? Though I have a nasty feeling that they might be out of your price range in the USA.
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I think Cobb Hill makes comfy sandals. Here's one. Here's another.
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check out Sperry's latest lines, including but not limited to the topsiders. There are cute casual sandals as well as the usual boat shoes.
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Born makes comfy casual heeled sandals - something like these or these.
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I'm a big Alegria shoe fan.
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Sorel has some new sandal styles that I admittedly find a bit odd, but might be an interesting choice. I own a couple of pairs of their more stylish boots and they are super comfortable and durable! (ETA: I am a huge fan of Dansko sandals, too).
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Slightly outside your price range, but very worth it...I bought the carson Frye sandal in black 2 years ago, wear them daily from may-sept, walking a ton in NYC, and they barely show any wear.

Also ridiculously comfortable and simple. I love them. Best $200 I've ever spent on shoes. I have big feet and these do not emphasize that even though they are flat.
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Check out Kork-Ease. I also have a pair of Lottas. Love the look but they're not the best for walking around all day. Kork-ease are lighter and more absorbent of shock.
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A wonderful MeFite recently turned me on to these insanely comfortable, stylish sandals. From what you say they are too flat for you, but Sanuk also makes these. They kinda remind me, in their brown iteration, of your boots.
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Not all sandals, but everywhere last summer and likely to be again this year: Birks, Tom's/Keds or similar canvas style shoe, summer styled booties and desert boots (eg suede with tons of perforations), Nike Frees (summer materials) in black and white, or brights, lately, New Balance and Adidas in similar styles. Also, very heavy *looking*, 90s inspired "flatforms" - thick black straps across the upper toe with a thick, flat sole.
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Worishofer, specifically the 251s for going with everything, though I personally like the feel of the slingback 562 version better.
This year if I need new ones (my slingbacks lasted 4 years) I think I will try the 711s which are to my eye a little cuter.
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Also -- I haven't worn these AND they are $100 more than you want to spend, but like larthegreat I am a Frye fan, because their boots etc. last forever and are comfortable. This model is sure beautiful.
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The Cobb Hill Aubrey shoes have a little heel, but they were super comfy for me and I'm considering getting them in another color.
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2nding Born sandals. These are cute, on sale, and available in a size 10. 6pm is the Zappos clearance/outlet and they have lots of size 10s in stock.
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Tom's makes an ankle boot in perforated suede with a peep toe, not exactly what you're looking for, but close to the style you love while being more breathable. My friend Anne loves hers.
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Seconding Dansko. If you search Zappos for Dansko sandals you will find dozens of options aesthetically similar to the ones you linked, but far less wooden AND no break in required. I think I currently have four pairs of adorable Dansko sandals that are 4-6 years old and they have worn like iron, AND are among the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
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Kork-ease brand are comfortable and cute. Also I like Fly London.
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You've looked at Madewell's sandals, right? They do tend to be a little woody and expensive, but on sale or with a coupon they're I your price range. I have some flat Madewell sandals that I love.
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I like Reef thongs but saw these and thought of you.
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Big vote for Fluevog sandals in terms of comfort, durability, and even the highest heels are ridiculously comfortable. With the USD being pretty strong against the CAD, prices are definitely in your favour right now.
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I just bought Dansko Marlowes in black and love em-they feel like the summer equivalent of my winter staple Frye boots-about $135-and very comfortable. https://www.dansko.com/Womens/Footwear/Styles/sandals/Marlow/Orange%20Washed%20Leather
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Something like these Naots in a size 41 would be great for you. There are a ton more for less money on 6pm. You probably want something with adjustable straps or more of a crossed style front for your bunion and a lot Naots have them.
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I had the exact same question and ended up with these which are super comfortable.
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