Rear Admiral Nylon is having problems with his battleship
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Tandy Electronic Sea Battle (retro Battleship rip-off): I just bought one for a quid, but there was no manual in the box. How do I make it work? Pictures inside.

I understand the concept of Battleship, but without the manual I'm struggling to know what buttons to press to actually make it go. It's a Christmas present for my sister, and although I'm sure we'd have fun just saying things out loud, like "J3!" - "Miss!", it'd be good to actually capitalise on the built in electronic features. There's a photo of it here, and a close up here. Pressing any of the START, MODE or VERIFY buttons just makes a weird shape appear on the LCD screen, and it beeps.
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Best answer: This guy has a picture of the manual on his web site, perhaps if you contacted him you could arrange for him to scan it or at least explain how to play it.

There seems to be more than one game from Tandy called Sea Battle. here is one, and another.
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I think this is an alternate name or release of Electronic Battleship - so does boardgamegeek. I suspect the controls are the same for both. The boardgamegeek website will show you who among their members own this game. If you join that site, you can probably then view the contact info from the folks who own it, and beg someone to scan the manual for you.
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Here are instructions for the Hasbro version.
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