What are some good examples of Tinder-like user interfaces on Desktop?
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What are some good examples of Tinder-like user interfaces on Desktop (not mobile)? Looking for something with a similar (like/dislike) card interface, but formatted for a desktop screen. Having a hard time picturing the interface scaling well, but I'm guessing somebody has done it already, and I've got a client who's hoping to go that direction. Would prefer not to copy cover-flow, as one of the key requirements of the interface is that only one card is visible at a time.
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I don't tinder so I don't know its interface, but is kitten war on the right track?
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HotOrNot is/was the archetype.
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What aspects of Tinder are you talking about? Just the dragging/swiping or the whole card/sort paradigm?

If you can be more specific about what the client is thinking of we can probably be more helpful.
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Really more focused on the car/sort paradigm. Obviously swiping wouldn't make much sense for desktop.
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Right. You could just load an image with two buttons at the bottom to achieve the functionality. You'll probably want that even if your client also wants a swipe kind of thing to happen because doing that with your mouse on a desktop is not going to be very user friendly.

What I would do is download a few apps that have this onto your phone then sit down with your client and ask what exactly it is that they like about it and why they think it would work for s desktop application.
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Swiping and the two buttons implement the exact same functionality. The server only sees "show me the next one" or "show me the previous one" or however the business rules define them. In tinder it's "mark this one as liked (or dislike) and show me the next one. there is no previous one." Tinder doesn't have sorting at all.

Instagram is probably the most popular "one thing at a time" site, but they don't really facilitate next/prev any different than Twitter or Facebook or whatever, which use generic photo carousel side arrows.
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