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I need your recs for best trash can dogproofing.

My 13 year old dog, in what I realize is age related cognitive decline, has become SUPER interested in the trash. She never went after it before but now it's ALL the time, even when I purposefully keep a trash bag out of it. She is immune to or doesn't care about normal deterrents like bitter apple or pepper or mouthwash. Budget is ~100 USD. Difficulty:I have no doored pantry or closet or a place I could just easily hide it from her. Bonus difficulty: coonhound with nose. She is a large, tall dog that can problem solve.
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Google racoon-proof. Racoons are way better at this than dogs (and they have actual hand-like things). Even a moderately racoon proof trash can will be dog proof.
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They make locking and "dog proof" trash cans for this reason. I don't have a pet, but I DO have this trash can that happens to lock and I'm happy with it. I got it locally, not online. I'm sure other people may have more specific and pet-tested options.
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I used to have the exact same one that Crystalinne linked to (I guess my ex kept it, but that was years ago) and it worked really well with my (at the time young but now much, much older) 2 year old Border Collie/Lab mix.
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A friend of mine has a fancy "dog proof" can that her lab easily got into until she put a barbell weight on top of the lid.
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We have this SimpleHuman can. The lid sits down below the rim; I wouldn't be able to get it open myself without a butter knife or something. Even knocked over (it's extremely bottom-heavy, my 3 50-80lb dogs have never done it) it might be a struggle to get the lid open.

If they learn to step on the stepper you can either put a couple of bricks around the pedal or turn that part toward the wall so you can put your foot in from the side but they can't accidentally step on it.
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I bought a locking trash can, very similar to the one linked above, last weekend at Target. It was under $20.
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We have 3 cans. Garbage, recycling and compost. The garbage is actually a diaper pail with a locking lid. The recycling is a normal step can. And the compost is on a chair, that is bungee corded to a set of railings, and the can is bungee corded to the chair, and we keep a huge rock on top of it. If the dogs are loose in the house, without easy supervision, we then turn the kitchen chairs in against the cans so they can't get pulled over. My house is classy, and the beagle is a pain in the ass.

This is the garbage can
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Have you tried putting the trash can on the countertop, pushed back against the wall?
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Seconding the SimpleHuman can that Lyn Never linked. We bought it to keep our rescue terrier mix out of the trash and it's worked great for going on 7 years.
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Third recommendation for the Simple Human that Lyn Never linked. We have a large one for trash and a medium one for recycling. We also have three dogs who are very, very interested in the trash and have never gotten them open. I will warn that the Great Dane has gotten smart about the slow-close lid, and will hide around the corner and stick his head in as soon as we turn our backs and it's still closing. I'm not sure how a dog that big can be that stealthy.

I can't express how ecstatic I was when Simple Human came out with a butterfly can small enough for the bathroom trash. I had been looking for a small dog-proof can for years.
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I will warn that the Great Dane has gotten smart about the slow-close lid

Oh my god, the number of times I have to yell "hey!" as the lid sloooooowly shuts. I like the feature because I can throw something away, turn around and see the other thing I didn't throw away, and throw that away before the lid closes, but the tall dog thinks it's The Best Thing.

I have almost convinced my husband that the trash needs to go out at 3/4 full, which mostly resolves that problem, but we don't have a Great Dane, which is basically a Trash Giraffe with all that neck.
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