How can I optimize my new wireless listening experience?
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I just purchased some Jaybird X2 wireless headphones and I listen to them through my Galaxy S6 smartphone. Problem is....the sound just isn't either loud enough or clear enough for my liking.

I found out about Noozoxide apps for EQ, which helps the sound quality but not the volume. Ideally I want big and clear sound but using these earphones and only my smartphone as a player.

What can I download or add as a wireless headphone amp to make the most of this sound setup?
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I bought the Jaybird X2 a few months ago, and use them with an iPhone/MacBook Air.

How's the fit? Wirecutter called that out as the pissiest thing about the Jaybirds in their review, and I agree it's tricky. I've never played my music at anywhere near full blast through them even though I use them on city streets and mass transit and I still worry I'm listening to my music too loud. I can't hear my phone ring at my desk if I'm listening to white noise through these. I do, however, sometimes spend forever wiggling them around in my ears to find where to put them again after washing the earbuds, and for the first few weeks I was using them did not have them inserted properly. If you press them into your ears with your hands, does the quality/volume improve? Try the different nub types and sizes, and also play around with the fins. My own ears are so small that the smallest fins are twice as big as I need them to be, but they still stabilize the buds and keep them in my ear.
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Response by poster: Fit is fine - it does take awhile to get it just right - now it's a matter of getting the sound to be as full as possible and maximize what you can hear.
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Comply foam tips helped a lot with mine.
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And to that end, check the packaging: mine came with three sizes of silicone tips and three sizes of Comply tips.
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Response by poster: Fixed the issue - finally got Poewramp and Noozoide to talk to each other and now have skull-rattling wireless power combined with audiophile-proxy depth and clarity.

Jack White is making the electricity in my mind sizzle now.
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