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What are some ranty blogs done right?

Ideally, I would like to see blogs that have a format of:
1) This flipping stupid thing (bitch, bitch, bitch)
2) Here is why it is stupid.
3) Here is a better solution or how to do it right.

But anything ranty that you like is good. I will best answer anything with a link or explanation why you think it is a good ranty blog. What makes it good?

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Samantha Irby's Bitches Gotta Eat is ranty, smart, and hilarious.
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I looooove Luvvie.
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Thug Kitchen used to be a blog, but it meets your criteria.

You know damn well you don’t eat enough fruit but you sure as shit hit that waffle quota every month. Why not sneak some fruit into your batter for a sweet winter treat that will make you feel less guilty for your waffle habit.

Save the store-bought canned bullshit for when you get snowed in and don’t want to eat cat food. It’s the only excuse to have that shit in your pantry.
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Just coming in here to say Bitches Gotta Eat, but everybody had matching towels beat me to it. It's absolutely the Platonic ideal of this form. I was just thinking yesterday "man, I pretty much only like this ranty blog thing when Samantha Irby does it."
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Wonkette is the Queen Bitch of polictics, culture and stupidity. I love it, it makes me laugh so hard.

Here's the latest headline: Ben Carson So Mad Obama Sold Harriet Tubman Into Slavery Again
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I want to disrec Thug Kitchen, because I find the idea of a pair of White people profiting off an appropriated Black identity - especially the whole 'gangster' schtick - incredibly offensive and vile. Please don't give them any more attention.

I will second Wonkette, it's hilarious. And it's not a blog, but Chris Klewe's rants on various things (usually posted in response to right-wing idiocy) are worth the Google.
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Stonekettle Station is good for rants against right-wing idiocy and gun culture, from a former Navy Chief Warrant Officer.
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http://smartbitchestrashybooks.com/ this website doesn't always do it for me- there is a lot I find to be clutter- but when it does... oh man :D

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Boobs Injuries and Dr Pepper used to be really funny, like hurt myself laughing funny, but it seems to be off the air now. A cursory search didn't locate the archives. It's worth seeking out, IMO.
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Auntie Fee instead of Thug Kitsch.
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Rude Pundit is rude, ranty and funny about politics.
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This list is awesome. Auntie Fee seconded.
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I'm a long-time fan of Jamie Zawinski's rants, particularly his technical writing. A lot of writing about software has a tone of "here is this amazing technology and how you can use it do do amazing things", and then when you try it out, it doesn't work for some reason and you feel a bit stupid, or you spend ages tinkering to get it to work and when it finally works you feel a bit let down, or it does work but it turns out to be hard to apply in the real world. It's easy to feel isolated and a bit dumb at the end of this process.

Whereas, reading JWZ's stuff, you realize that here's an extremely smart, incredibly accomplished programmer who still has this kind of experience, and by god he's more pissed off about it than you are. Because it's not just you, lots of software is crap, especially when you wind up having to poke around inside it. His rants convey better than anything else the emotional experience of dealing with computers for a living, while being sweepingly comprehensive technically.

He's also got a blog, similar in tone, about his nightclub.
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Not really ranty, but SO funny, is Mimi Smartypants. She posts less frequently than I would like but there are lots of archives. I wish she was my RL bestie because damn the woman is hilarious.
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This blog post by Ellie Guzman had me ROLLING. It is such a perfectly thunderous clapback to every pearl-clutching Millennials think piece.

Also, it's not a blog, but this video review by Movie Bob of the movie Pixels is an impressively masterful take down. You really feel how indignant he is about having watched this movie. It goes on for awhile, but it remains funny throughout.
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6000 Onions
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I like Kate Has Things To Say starting with her description of Cambridge: " like Hogwarts but no magic and everyone's in Slytherin". Mostly it's about science and climate.
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This was all extremely helpful, plus I happened to be given a link to some other ranty thing (about the problems with the 911 system) that was also wonderful. Than you, everyone.
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