What Animated Transition Effect Can We Use in iOs App?
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I'm working on an iOs app (a wordy reference work). We've enabled a user to shortcut between sections via left/right swiping, and want to add an animated transition effect - something prefab we can simply plug in, as we don't have time to cook something up from scratch.

We tried an effect of book page-turning, but it's confusing because the metaphor doesn't apply to this situation. But we do like the idea of some animated transition effect, just to convey that the user's taken a short-cut. So what other options are out there?

We need something already "out there" (i.e.available to simply plug in), as we don't have time to cook something up from scratch.
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I'm kinda confused about what you mean by 'from scratch' and 'plug in'. If you've already got animation code (i.e. to test the page turn effect) then you should have to change maybe one or two tiny parts of tiny lines of code to audition another effect. In terms of suggestions, why not a simple horizontal scroll with magnetic detents?
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We don't have animation code. I believe the page-turning effect was a stock effect floating out there (maybe even offered by Apple). I'm looking for other ubiquitous plug-and-play effects.'

Why not a simple horizontal scroll with magnetic detents?

I'm not graphic literate. Is there an example of that I can see anywhere?

Thanks for the reply!
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I've just started as an iOS developer but have been a web developer for years.

So, it sounds like you'd like to call out that the user has taken a shortcut in the app. Is that correct?
In that case, why not the default left/right transition? If the user swipes from the left, transition from the left. Right, from the right.

I would think this transition is part of Apple's default list for ViewControllers, but have been surprised before by their seeming incompetence.

As for libraries - perhaps a Cocoapods search will help!
(If you've never used a dependency manager like Cocoapods, it's a must for making your project easy to set up for new developers and the first step in ensuring the stuff that runs on your machine is the same that's running on, say, CI)
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