Ad Agency for IBM Middleware's Boxing Glove campaign?
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Seeking contact info for the advertising agency responsible for IBM Middleware's "You VS [Concept]" campaign that has been appearing in glossy business mags lately...

I'm actually making a collection of the glossy ads and have taped them up on my wall -- they just give me a get-to-work feeling -- and I've got 13 different concepts/colors so far, but I'd like to know what the total is, and what I'm missing. I was hoping someone at the agency would be able to tell me (plus I could give them witty quotes about how good they are, perhaps in exchange).

I already did IBM's Middleware's site (per the advert)'s "email us" link, but the response apparently was just a keyword snag of boxing, a bot telling me about how IBM could help organize my sporting event. Psh.

So far, I've got 4x purple, 3x red, 4x blue, 1x yellow, 1x green.
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