What's the best tiny computer?
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What are your suggestions for the best tiny PC kit that I can run Windows on? I'm talking about ones that are under 8" square.

I had an Intel NUC 6i5SYK that was working pretty well for me until the video stopped working entirely. Upon calling Intel tech support they almost immediately offered a replacement/refund without doing any actual troubleshooting, so I'm thinking this is a common problem and maybe it wouldn't be the best idea just to get a replacement.

I loved the tininess of the NUC, and although I play games sometimes, the main thing I was using the NUC for was as a Plex server. But it's nice to have the additional benefit of having a Windows PC that I can play some silly games on attached.

As a side effect of the return I have DDR4 RAM and an M.2 SSD that also need a new home, so the ability to use this hardware in a new system is a plus.
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Mac Mini
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Either Mac mini (with Boot Camp to run Windows) or Cirrus7. You could probably reuse some of those pieces in a Cirrus7.
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If you're suspicious of the reliability of the NUC, you could try the Gigabyte BRIX which is basically the same form factor. Until Apple updates them, the Mac Mini would be a step down from the processing power of the NUC6 line. They also don't, I think, support m.2 drives (they may even have soldered in storage like the rest of Apple's machines do now).
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You might also look at the HP Pavilion Mini line. I would keep exchanging that NUC until you get a good one. They'll eventually work out their production issues.
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The I6 NUC's use mobile Skylake CPU'S and there are indeed unresolved issues. I'd be wary of anything with a mobile Skylake chip until the issue is resolved.

Lenovo makes a very small mini desktop as part of its ThinkCenter line.
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