Another option instead of Hangouts?
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Is there another text app (besides Hangouts) that will let you use your Google Voice number to text from and receive? I use my GV number as my main number, that way, I never have to change my number with people, should I get a new phone number. I just really don't like hangouts.
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The Google Voice app? That's what I use to send and receive texts with my GV number.
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Came in to say the Google Voice app itself. I use it all the time on my phone and then I use the add-in in Chrome to text from my toolbar in Chrome on my pc.

+1 for what town of cats wrote.
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I should have included the fact that I used the Google Voice app before they integrated hangouts, then I switched to hangouts for more options. I'm looking for a 3rd party SMS app that I can use my google voice number with. :)
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I was about to suggest Talkatone, but they've stopped supporting Google Voice, apparently since Google Voice 3rd party access is totally disabled.
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Well that sucks...
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