Lync on Windows 10
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OK, fine Windows 10 is awful. But my partner needs to use it short term, because: work reasons. Lync isn't behaving. Can you help?

He's got Lync/Skype for Business installed and he's logged in. But when he makes a call, instead of getting the handy incoming call alert popup on the bottom right that you just click in and then enter the call, he just hears ringing with no popup and no obvious place to click to take the call. Does he just need to enable notifications for Lync? We can find the notifications page in settings but Lync isn't even a choice.
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I'm not sure I follow. Since he is placing the call there is no notification. He's just waiting for someone to answer.

When making an outbound call, Lync opens a new call/chat window. Even if you have all your chats combined into a single window you'll get a new one for the duration of the call. If you're calling someone you have a chat open with, that chat will pop out in a separate window for the call.
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Here are some Skype for Business basics on YouTube that might be helpful.

If you have problems with Windows 10, post another question. I'm sure people would be happy to help.
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Ha. Boy genius didn't have his headset configured as an audio device. Lync wouldn't let him answer because of that.
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Windows 10 is pretty much fine as far as I know.
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