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What organizations, real or imagined, put out song lists?

I am writing a story and I have a character the cites songs, possibly made up, in lists like "My Baby Loves Me" by the DoDeDos, 1956, Rolling Stone Top 100" or "Hello My Girl" by Stan Smith, Billboard Top 10, 1988".

What other organizations, real or imagined, put out such song lists? I know that iTunes and Spotify also have such lists.
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Pitchfork and SPIN both publish a few different annual lists.
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CMJ (formerly "College Music Journal")publishes charts "compiled from the top albums played at college and non- commercial radio."
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Hype Machine does one every year.
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Village Voice: Pazz & Jop
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R&R was important in its time.
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Radio stations? A couple Chicago examples: WXRT Listener Poll (1974-present), WLS Survey (1960-1990).

If you really want to go way down into the rabbit hole, this site has thousands of radio station surveys from 1953-2001.
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