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Sometime this millennium I read a book. I think it was written recently and was supposed to be the first of a series. It was about a future where people somehow could enter into parallel universes and would be filmed for exciting television shows back on real earth.

So I think it was after an apocalypse, and these people are living underground (?), but some of these action tv stars live in giant above ground compounds (?). Anyway, the stars that go into the parallel universes can use magic somehow. I think the government is lying to the people and keeping them underground for their own devious reasons, but I honestly feel like I might be mixing in parts of PKD novels at this point.

What I remember for certain is that people are reality tv stars and they go to parallel universes and act like heroes, somehow using magic. Ring any bells?
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Maybe Matthew Woodring Stover's books about Caine?
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Nailed it! Thanks so much, it was driving me crazy.
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