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I am a sex worker (legal). I got a google voice number to mask my real number, so that I can still be reached on my regular cell but its number will not be known. I am on a family plan and am wondering, if I answer an incoming call that was patched through the google voice number, will my google voice cover number show up on the billing statement? I don't make outgoing calls with it. It is paramount for what I do to be discreet to the others on the family plan.
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In Settings > Calls, select Display my Google Voice number. If you can see the call history online without having to wait for the next bill, I suggest you test it first and then check how it came through in the online history.
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My Verizon usage page shows each individual incoming and outgoing number, including those received through Google Voice. I haven't tried any settings that might change that, though-- my setup is more or less default.
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My plan is with Verizon. If I answer a call that comes in via Google Voice, my GV number does not show up in my billing information, only the number of the caller does.

My Google Voice number does show up, however, when I don't answer a call because I also use GV for voice mail. But if I did not use GV for voicemail, my number would never show up.
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Thirding what has been said above. I see phone numbers from callers on my statements, not my Google Voice number.
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What do you all have set for caller ID?
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You might look in to Burner here as well, depending on whether you get the result you are looking for with GV.
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