Where in the US should we go for our anniversary?--punk beach edition
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My husband and I are looking for somewhere to go on a short vacation--4 or 5 days--for our five year anniversary in late May. We have a number of preferences, but the thing we want most is a place that has a beach and a pretty good punk scene. Beach does not necessarily have to be warm enough to be swimmable, it just needs to exist.

Other preferences:

-We currently live in NYC, so a relatively short plane ride from there would be ideal, but not required.
-good hostel with private rooms or a relatively cheap bed and breakfast (we would prefer to avoid airbnb for ethical reasons)
-workable public transportation (or a centralized area that we could walk/possibly skateboard)

Trying to figure this out is starting to drive me crazy, so I turn to you, wise hivemind. Hope us!
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Minneapolis chain of lakes will be cold but swimmable. They are on transit. Mpls is cheap, had plenty of punk, and has good 1 connect access to NYC.
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I don't know what short is for you really but Lisbon has punk and has beaches in the area.

A bit farther afield, but even better would be Basque Country, Euskadi punk is a real thing and the beaches are great, even in the main towns (so is the food).

Both places will have hostels.
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Any city in California - SF bay area, LA, San Diego. SF will be cold, southern CA will be hot enough to lay around on the beach. All the NYC airports run so many flights to the west coast that they are pretty cheap if you book it in advance. Obviously not a short flight but I usually pay $275-325 round trip for a non-stop flight which makes it much more bearable (don't do a layover!). All have huge punk scenes and enough Euro travelers to have more than a few hostels.

If you come to the bay area here's the punk show list.
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(Sorry, I missed the headline stating US.)
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I also came in to suggest San Diego. They have lots of live music venues and lots of beaches! I think for punk scene, I would guess Ocean Beach or Pacific Beach areas as a starting point?
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