How to change source on a Viera TV with a YouView remote
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I have a Panasonic Viera TX-32LXD80 and a YouView remote (no obvious model number, looks like this). How can I switch source on the TV using the remote?

The remote has several codes for different Panasonic TV modes - will one of them unlock a Source button?

See or

Thanks in advance
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On my Panasonic Viera TV, the TV input is switched by pressing the AV button (which is next to the TV button) multiple times to switch from one input to the next. It doesn’t look like such a button exists on your remote, but perhaps you can find out what the mappings are from somewhere & see if any of them map a button to AV?
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Response by poster: > perhaps you can find out what the mappings are from somewhere & see if any of them map a button to AV?

Yes, please.

I think the following would suffice to answer this:

1. What is the IR code for the "AV" button on a Viera remote?
2. What IR codes are produced by each of the buttons on the YouView remote when it is in each of the possible modes?
3. What is the intersection of sets (1) and (2)?

The Humax user guide lists the following Humax remote modes for Panasonic TVs: 006, 098, 061, 129, 038, 023, 063, 094, 187, 251, 294, 353, 359, 279, 306.

Do any of those include an "AV" button? I think it would take me a long time to find that out by hand, so I was hoping someone here might know or know how to find out?
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Maybe Humax knows?

(If you can tell me an easy way to do it, I might be able to find out what the code is on my remote for you.)
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Response by poster: I have emailed Humax this question.
I await a form letter from an overworked and underpaid first-line support technician answering a tangentially related question from their FAQ.
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Response by poster: No answer from Humax :-(
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Response by poster: Speak of the devil: Humax just responded:

Thank you for contacting Humax.

I'm sorry to report that due to the manner of the Youview operating system and them designing the software, the coding facility you're referring to will not be possible with the Youview remote control.

I suspect they misunderstood the question. I'm not sure exactly what they mean by "the coding facility".
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Response by poster: Further reply:

> One of those codes [i.e. the 15 remote control code pages listed above] will allow you to control the television, but the facilities will be limited to turning the television on and off, and also adjusting the built in television volume. Sadly we do not have a reference sheet for those facilities.

.. which isn't strictly true as a) more than one of those code pages controls the TV and b) there are a few more usable buttons included in the code pages than just those he lists.

So no luck with Humax support.

Anyone on here?
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Best answer: Doesn’t look like it. Tried the avforums ?
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