How to adjust rollator brake lock position
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I have a drive dual rollator and am able to adjust the hand brakes which work just fine when I'm walking but they don't brake at all in the lock position and I haven't been able to find how to fix this on line. I need to have the rollator locked to hold on to getting out of a chair. Any suggestions?
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so the brakes work when you pull them up, but when you push them down til they click they don't do anything? if so, have you tried adjusting them more (so that they come on sooner)? or does that make them stay on all the time when they're "unclicked"?

this site describes various ways of adjusting the brakes. perhaps you've only adjusted one and it's at the limit? if so, maybe you need to adjust elsewhere?

(i'm assuming you have a drive duet rollator, and this is just from looking on the net - i don't own one).
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My father-in-law has one. The brakes are very similar to a bicycles brakes. Take it to your local bike shop (LBS) they'll fix you up in no time.
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As it happens, I adjusted a relative's a few weeks ago, and it was very similar to adjusting bicycle brake, as Confess, Fletch said. If you aren't familiar with adjusting bike brakes, I think the advice to take it to a bike shop is right on. Should take a bike mechanic less than 5 minutes to make the adjustment.
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Thanks very much. All fixed and safe again.
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