driving (not racing) simulator?
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I'm looking for a driving simulator that isn't racing, or at least in which racing is optional. Do these exist?

All I'm able to find are track racing games. Looking for something that's more like a flight simulator in just being an open world.

As for racing games that allow this, Vette is the kind of thing I'm thinking of: while ostensibly it's a race, you can just drive around and do whatever you want.

Other requirements: mac support, support for wheel and pedal controllers. And if it were available on Steam, that would be amazing.

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Grand theft auto? Outside of a few races here and there, you're pretty much free to do what you want. All the cars have automatic transmission IIRC, so it's not very deep as far as 'simulation' goes (compared to your average flight simulator)
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Caveat: I haven't actually played this game, but I have heard positive things from friends and from the description it might fit what you're looking for: Euro Truck Simulator 2.
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I was going to say American Truck Simulator, which is the same game as Euro Truck Simulator (I mean, except for the obviousness of being based in America). Watch some let's plays and see if that's the sort of thing you're looking for?
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I think you can find a web based version of Desert Bus. It's one of the more realistic driving games ever.
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Just happened across Jalopy over on Jalopnik, and sort of in the same vein, there's the amazing My Summer Car, though I am not sure it's actually ready.
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Microsoft used to have a PC game called Midtown Madness that let you drive all kinds of vehicles around town. I had fun driving a double decker bus around London like a lunatic.
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Jalopy looks great, but it's only for windows. I'm a big fan of the ETS and ATS games, played both quite a bit. Those might be good enough (this is for small kids, not myself - they just want to drive around), but I was hoping I could find something a little less clunky than a big truck cab. I could find no-damage mods and huge cash mods, I'm sure.

I'll poke at that a bit
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Forza Horizon? There's a racing component, but also a big open world.
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Whoops, missed Mac support, but if you've got an Xbox, still my suggestion.
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Try BeamNG, which is on Steam and I think can be run on Mac. It's a work in progress, with a host of user-created content, and has incredible damage and suspension modelling. The downside is that the environments aren't very extensive yet.
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Thanks all. It looks like ATS/ETS with no-cops-no-damage mods is the easiest way to go
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