Place this line: Don't let them into the house.
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There's a comedy scene that's been sort of stuck in my head but I can't place what property it's from. It starts with a motley crew of gold hearted but disreputable protagonists trying to gain access to some location, and then...

There's a series of negotiations, all very polite, between the protagonist group and the snotty owner of the house/car they're trying to get into. They all give insincere, pleading, "we're all normal here" grins. The person in authority also smiles and nods and placates the group and is very, very polite, it looks like the situation has been resolved, and then while the group is waiting expectantly, the imposing person says, sotto voce to their butler or guard, "Don't let them into the house." And cut scene.

My mind keeps wanting to place this scene as something from Steven Universe (the "don't let them in" person is very Pearl) or A:TLA/Korra or even a live action movie like O Brother Where Art Thou. Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle fits the mood too, and so does Goldie Hawn in 'Overboard'. Lucille Bluth maybe? Even, I don't know, Steve Martin in Roxanne? Can anyone place this scene? It's driving me nuts.
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Mr. Burns from the Simpsons? That's not very specific as to scene, I know, but it's another character possibility.
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The description sounds like Monty Python to me, but I don't remember ever seeing it.
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The Ladykillers?
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Is it definitely "Don't let them into the house"? Your description immediately reminded me of this scene from "Lilo & Stitch"--at around the 2:05 mark, one of the characters says to her guard, "Don't let those two get on my ship," while the two hapless protagonists in question smile and wave.
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OMG,yes, pittcat, that's it! Thank you so much!
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