Looking for a less expensive replacement DC motor for Gene Cafe roaster
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I have a Gene Cafe coffee roaster that appears to have a dead motor (receives 12V, doesn't turn, shaft is frozen even with gear box removed). The company sells a replacement motor for $39, plus shipping that brings it to almost $50. I have a strong suspicion that this motor should cost around $10-$15.

It is manufactured by Shayang Ye Industrial Co, LTD (made in Taiwan), model R35-0060-30Q01R DC 12V No 120119. Another manufacturer (Kysan) cross references that model number with RB-37GM32, with a data sheet. Assuming that cross reference is correct, it is a 12V 5,100rpm 470ma 3.9kg/cm motor with probably a 1/100 reduction. Looking on Digikey and Mouser I didn't find much of anything but on Amazon there are a lot, e.g Alegant Mini 12V DC 37MM 60 RPM High Torque Gear Box Electric Motor. That one shows 30N/cm torque so slightly under powered.

Am I reading the data sheet right? Does this make sense? Should I just buy a $12 motor on amazon and give it a shot?
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Looking at the website for Gene Cafe roasters (where the page you link for the replacement motor is), all except one of the roaster models they offer is listed as sold out. I would say that's a company which is no longer making roasters, and will be in business only until they sell the stuff left on hand -- which is probably not much.

So you may only have a very limited time to buy the actual the replacement motor if no other option works out; but on the other hand, since they likely want to close the doors as soon as they can, they might accept a lower offer for the replacement motor.
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