Did I hallucinate this award/charity show phenomenon or did it exist?
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I somehow believe there was a THING going on in the 1990s/2000s that involved all kinds of pop stars and presenters and performances that were deliberately intended to be edited into one continuous stream that would fit together (going forward and backward, too).

The way I remember it, the lighting on the performers/crowd followed the ROYGBIV order such that each act/year only took up one color (plus some performances in the "white" spaces in between) and back again.

It might have been focused primarily in the UK (possibly part of Red Nose Day)...? It spanned (or was at least intended to span) at least a decade, and everyone--including the televised crowds--seemed to have been pumped up to be participating in this much wider effort. If there was any 'message' it was that our stars are (and have always been) to an extent interchangeable.

Does this ring any bells at all for anyone?? I'd LOVE links if you can find them, too.
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