Did Snapchat hellban my garden injuries?
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I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for this, but I am curious about it in any case. I took a few photos for my "story" in Snapchat when I was working on the yard yesterday including one later where I pointed to my cut up forearms from working with all the brush. When I spoke with my SO today, he'd seen the story, but not that specific photo. We compared notes sitting right next to each other: when I look at my story on Snapchat, I see the image. When he looks at my story, it skips right over it. When I look at who has seen my snaps, all the ones around it have a few views and that one has zero. What happened?

My hypothesis is that maybe snapchat has an "auto self-harm deleter" function which overreached, but I'm sure the real answer is probably a lot more dull. I checked their community guidelines but nothing there specifically. Here's a screenshot from my story as well as the image itself. Ideas?
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I can't even access that link of the screenshot - it's just a blank page.
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Like corb, I see a blank page at that mlkshk link. About an hour ago the picture was showing, but no longer.

My guess is that yes, this is an automated self-harm filter gone awry.
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Just for context, mlkshk is an unrelated image hosting community, and has been having some incidental instability today that is unrelated to anything regarding Snapchat.
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Not saying your arrows look phallic, but perhaps this is the auto-deleter filter that got you?
What not to Snap?
Nudity or sexually suggestive content involving minors (people under the age of 18).....This includes adding drawings or captions to a Snap to make it sexual -- even as a joke.

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No answer, but fwiw I see the picture at the mlkshk link.
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My money's on a self-harm photo, too - I can easily see someone writing parameters that would perfectly match the photo, especially since these are red marks on pale skin.
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I can't access the picture but I did find this on a quick Google search, it mentions "They don't tolerate 'Snaps' that share: Self-Harm"
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Thanks folks and sorry about the random MLKSHK downtime. Did not even occur to me that the arrows might look like little dicks! So jury is still out but now I have two possible paths to consider.
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