d20 with all 20s
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Where can I find a d20 (20-sided die) with 20s on every side?

For a wedding gift for an awesome couple, I would like to find a d20 that has 20s on every side. Is there anywhere that sells these pre-made, or would I have to get something customized?

if I would need to customize it, is there a place I can get this done with the following in mind:
- I only need 1 but would be fine buying a small batch if it's within my price range.
- I would love to spend under $40 for this. I'll probably skip it if it's going to cost more.
- Color doesn't matter.
- Size doesn't matter, but I would prefer standard d20 size.
- Indented numbers rather than just painted on.
- I have 2 months until the wedding.

Thanks Metafilter!
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Buy a bag of blank dice and one of these and some appropriate paint.

With a bag of dice you'll have some slack to mess up a few until you get the hang of it. I would maybe print up some stickers with 20s on the them in the appopriate size and engrave through the stickers if you can, just so everything looks consistent.
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You could contact Chessex about your custom design. You'll probably need to buy a batch.
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These guys will do very small runs of customized dice, including d20s:


Write them and ask.
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- Indented numbers rather than just painted on.

This is the sticking point, I think. Chessex and Q Workshop make very nice custom dice, but their designs will be flush with the surface. If you must have indented numerals, you'll probably need to have your dice 3D printed. Shapeways might be a good place to start.
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Try this fellow?

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If you can obtain blank d20s a trophy shop should be able to engrave the faces though I don't know if you could come under budget.
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Here's a reddit about using a 3-d printer to make one. My UPS Store has a 3-d printer.

Here's something about a 20 sided die, I'm sure you can tweak the code to make all the numbers 20.
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We had custom chessex dice made as our wedding favours, and the design was indented. We bought like 500 or something, but they did make us one single dice to start for approval, so they might be willing to make you just one.
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For 3d printing, there wa a Makerbot challenge a few years ago, and these things tagged with 'Iroll20s' were the result. Printable D20 also includes all-20s.

(some of these use nasty fonts and may not render well, but they're free)
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This has been impossible to find!

I'm not confident enough to engrave or paint my own, and I think I'd need some kind of tiny clamp that I wouldn't know how to find.

Q Workshop gave me a quote of $75 plus $22 shipping for a single prototype die.

Contacted Chessex and they don't do d20s, only d6s and d10s with one custom side.

Unfortunately I'm in one of the states where none of the UPS stores have 3d printers, and I can't find a free design that I like anyway. I didn't know some UPS stores offered that service, that's neat and I'm glad to know it for future reference.

I contacted someone on Shapeways who makes cool dice designs for $20-$30 and I'm waiting to hear back.

There's also a local 3d printing shop but I'm leaving them as a last resort since they'd have to design the whole thing for me, and I imagine it would be pricey.
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I bet lots of Mefites have access to 3D printers. Can you post it to jobs?
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Or for that matter, many mefites are probably more handy with an engraver and paint than you are.
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Success! I contacted a designer through Shapeways and they made it for me! They used one of their existing patterns which happens to be gorgeous. and I can get it in fancy metal!

Plastic version
Metal version
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