Fruit tree disease
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I have 4 fruit trees: apricot, nectarine, peach, plum. 2 of them appear very unhealthy in their foliage: apricot & peach. The other 2 are fine. What's wrong with them? Pictures

All 4 live in similar circumstances next to each other.
They are in Belgium.
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If you uncurl one of the leaves, what's inside? We occasionally get a big aphid/blackfly attack on one of our trees, and the curling looks a lot like that - the aphids congregate inside the rolled-up part of the leaf.

The Leaf Curl Plum Aphid is a very tiny aphid that can cause leaf curling like this, although with our fruit trees the culprit seems to be common blackfly.
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Looks more like peach leaf curl. Do the leaves turn red then fall off? To fix spray with bordeaux mix in the winter.
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Do they get big red blister looking things on them later? Like so?

That can be a fungal infection called peach leaf curl. I used to have an apricot and a plum tree that had it. I controlled it with a spray.

Here's some info about it from the University of California: Peach Leaf Curl Management Guidelines
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Probably some sort of Leaf Curl fungus. Very common. You can spray the trees with a fungicide. It will require repeated application.
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Peach leaf curl?
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Yeah, there is a fungus that causes "peach leaf curl." Some tree varieties are resistant, which may explain why neighboring trees are fine.
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Great, that appears to be it. Thank you all for the fast responses.
The leaves haven't fallen off .. yet. I'll go look for the fungicides mentioned in the guidelines.
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