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In Wade Davis' book Into The Silence, he mentions the Tibetan plateau as the meeting place of various religions of the world. Can you recommend books that cover or relate to this subject?

I'm interested in the meeting of and interaction of faith and philosophical traditions like Hinduism, Buddism, Daoism, Islam, Christianity, Hellenistic and others in Central Asia.
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You might want to check out the thought and works of Nicholas Roerich. He was a far-out Theosophist polymath painter and writer who, among way too many things, wrote several travelogues of his journeys across Central Asia. His paintings are also amazing.

Not at all unrelated, there's a lot of interesting material that kind of spins off from discussions of the Great Game, the proto-cold war machinations between Imperial Russian and the British Empire that resulted in bonkers books like Rudyard Kipling's Kim.

I'm sure more will come to me later, but I'm not at the moment able to think of any great silver-bullet survey or travelogue of this topic--but I'm psyched to see what other people come up with!
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Are you okay with fiction if it's allegorical? Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt is a sort of "What would have happened if the plague were a LOT worse and Europe was repopulated by Muslims...? It spends a lot of time talking about comparative religion and culture though it's definitely not non-fiction. Along those lines you might also enjoy Dictionary of the Khazars which is a bunch of overlapping entries from fictional religious encyclopedias.
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Levison Wood walked the Himalayas and his book probably has some information relevant to your interest. The TV series covered it, at least.

Sue Perkins did a travel series along the Mekong River and had some very interesting insights on Buddhism and culture as you travel towards the Tibetan Plateau. I happen to have both of these TV shows. Email me if you want those links.
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I came in to suggest The Years of Rice and Salt.
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