Modify PPT deck on iPad; get it onto a flash drive?
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Is there yet a way to edit a PPT deck on iPad and then get it quickly onto a standard flash drive?

I present at conferences where the typical expectation/requirement is to provide the PPT deck on a flash drive so that it can be copied onto a computer connected to the projector system. While I prepare presentations in advance, sometimes there is last-minute editing that needs to be done. This is easy for me to do with my Macbook, but I've been thinking about trying to travel with an iPad only (have been thinking about buying new iPad Pro 9.7 as been told it is "work friendly").

Is there anyway this basic scenario (edit PPT on iPad then transfer it to a standard USB drive that any computer could read immediately without any need to install drivers) can be achieved?
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There are wireless USB flash drives available that can help you do this. You connect the iPad to the drive via a wifi network created by the wireless flash drive itself and you can store/edit files. Then when done you can plug it in as a standard USB flash drive (no drivers needed) to a PC or Mac. For example, this one.
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Not answering the question, I know, but you can get VGA and HDMI adapters for iPads and present directly from them - I do this at least once a week with a 50+ slide deck over the course of an hour and I've never had a problem.

Otherwise, MS Office on iPad allows you to save to Dropbox (though I think this might be if you have an Office365 subscription only) so you may be able to take advantage of that - save to Dropbox, then share the link and download on the machine you're presenting from.
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No. Not unless an actual computer gets involved.
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You apparently need one of the USB on-the-go/lightning capable drives. They're a bit more expensive by they exist. Caveat: I've just found this by a search, I don't have direct experience here.

I use a USB OTG drive with an Android pad for this exact purpose. It's really great not having to drag the whole big laptop around (too).
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At work, we use these these

there is a free companion app.

you can open files that are on the drive on the device, move files to and from the device...

AND... added bonus, it's USB on the other side, so you can plug into a mac, pc etc... and use it like a normal flash drive.

This makes an iPhone a lot more capable. I send people off on business trips with movies, music, and piles of work files, all on the same drive.
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Is there a reason you couldn't just use Google Drive? The app should let you edit on the iPad and then open it on any computer with wifi, or present from the iPad.
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Thanks for the answers so far. I guess wasn't clear enough in my question, but I am well aware of cloud solutions like dropbox/onedrive and the ability to plug an iPad into a projector. At conferences these are not always options, and the expectation is that everyone shows up with a flash drive and has the presentation deck copied onto the computer connected to the projector PRIOR to the session beginning. If each person started messing about plugging and unplugging things between each presentation, problems would ensue and so it does not occur. Hence the question.
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thewildgreen, reviews of that seem to suggest that in terms of getting stuff OFF of the iPad, it can only access the photo roll, not any other storage area - is this incorrect in your experience?
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modernnomad, I wish I could test this for you. I had one of these, but lost it during a trip last month. I only used it for storing videos and music, so I don't have direct experience with Office files on this device.

I am not sure which review gave you concern, but there is one on posted on July 20, 2015 that states this:
Another review said that basic work related files were not supported, I can gladly say that is FALSE. The user guide for the product is a PDF. I have even tried Microsoft Document files and PowerPoint files and they all work well. Okay, now you can read my review."

I found this sandisk FAQ says that you can view PPT/PPTX using the app, and may be able to use the "Open In..." functionality to open it for editing in other apps such as Powerpoint. I am a little concerned about their use of the word "may", but I think it has a low enough cost of entry to just try it out. Even if that doesn't work for some reason, it still would be a nifty little device to have for its other media storage/sharing capabilities.
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