How to best record a Skype call?
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I'm looking to record a Skype call. Not the little picture-in-picture thing, but a split-screen thing where I'm on the right half of the screen and my co-host is on the left half. Is there any easy way to do this? I've already purchased the Call Recorder plugin, and I know that Quicktime does something similar to this. But what's the best way to get a high-quality, split screen interview recorded, without paying an arm and a leg?
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I do this on a Mac using a screencapture tool (Snagit, Camtasia, or Quicktime usually).

I first set up the screen with the call open in one window (google hangout instead of Skype - the size is easier to control in GHO), and Photo Booth open in another window. Then I edit them together. Essentially you make one screencapture, but split the video part and duplicate it. Then you crop to the size you want and line it all up.

It's not "easy" per se, but it's a system I worked out when I was recording a lot of google hangout calls.
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Nvidia's Shadowplay will do that, or Fraps. You can also get a soundcard recording its own output though it often requires a bit of fiddling these days thanks to recording industry fuckery.
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Does it have to be Skype? Zoom is free, and call recording is a built-in feature. At the end of your call you get an audio-only file, as well as a audio+video file. The video is a MP4. You have to press RECORD to do this, it's a function near the chat and mute buttons on their app. Easy peasy to find and use.

Free Zoom accounts feature unlimited one to one calls of any length.
If you have a group call on a free account, you are limited to a call of 40mins only.

The price for a paid subscription is modest ($20 for a month I think? $150/yr is what I paid) and allows very high quality image and sound conference calls for up to 50 simultaneous people. And yes you can share your screen w a PowerPoint slide deck for example, or whatever file you want to show during your call.

I teach a management class ( 20+ people ) using zoom from my laptop and like it very much. My students attend classes via laptop, or smartphone ( IOS, Android ).
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