Kosher for Passover Vitamins and Supplements - Help
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So me and mine are in need of taking various supplements and vitamins to keep us in somewhat good shape, my beloved has a few medical conditions for which she needs a variety of homeopathic and allopathic items. I need to know where to find an updated list to make sure there's no chametz.

Most of the stuff is either Solgar or Now but here and there there's an off brand and I have as said homeopathic remedies that are in glucose tablet form. I understand that there are ingredients listed and I should be aware of no yeast, wheat, corn etc. - know that. But apparently it gets tricky especially with wheat derivatives.

Some items that I have an need to know about are
magnesium citrite in powder form
b12 Jarrow
ascorbic acid,
is cellulose gelatin kosher- and what about essential oils and spiriulina? What should I absolutely steer clear of?

Open to pdf's that list pretty much all brand names - and give info about the supplements mentioned.
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I believe in all but the most Orthodox communities, Jews are advised to keep taking whatever medicines they need during Passover, kosher or not.
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Also, you can't really know, as supplements aren't regulated and those tested don't contain what's listed on the label.
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This list [PDF] from the CRC's website is pretty extensive - hopefully everything you're looking for is already listed.

This is one of those 'check your local rabbi' things, since depending on why you or your SO needs the supplements, some issues can be loopholed -- if you can't don't have access or can't, memail me and I can get you in touch with one.
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Here is the complete guide, in case what you're looking for falls into another category
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Thank you all. Happy Passover.
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Seconding The fact that supplements are completely unregulated and many peer-reviewed studies find that ingredients are flagrantly mislabeled.

Basically, there's no way to know what ingredients are actually in your supplements.

"The authorities said they had run tests on popular store brands of herbal supplements at the retailers — Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC — which showed that roughly four out of five of the products contained none of the herbs listed on their labels. In many cases, the authorities said, the supplements contained little more than cheap fillers like rice and house plants, or substances that could be hazardous to people with food allergies."
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