Did Jello compromise my endoscopy today
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I am having an upper GI endoscopy this afternoon at 3 pm (scope down the esophagus to the stomach/small intestine). To prepare for it I was told to have only clear liquids this morning including water, tea, clear juice, jello, etc. and to stop all liquids and ingest nothing by mouth at 11AM (4 hours prior to the procedure). At about 8:15/8:30 this morning I had 1 cup of cherry jello for breakfast. I'm reading now that anything red should be avoided during endoscopy prep. Medical MeFi'ers: Since the jello was over *6 hours* prior to the procedure and was afterward washed down with copious amounts of plain water, clear juice, and clear tea will it be okay; or does the "red" linger in the stomach and cause problems with the imaging?
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The reason cherry jello has potentially ruined your endo procedure is that it looks A LOT like blood.

Call your doctor's office and let them know what you have done. They will advise you from here.
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You can't not tell them, right? Make the call now and let the medics decide to proceed or reschedule.
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I'm aware of the reason for avoiding red, and do plan to tell the med team. My question is primarily to those who have been professionally on the viewing end of an endoscopy: What exactly do you see in there -- would food dyes ingested 6+ hours prior to your viewing still be present in the stomach?
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Endoscopist here. Personally, I wouldn't be bothered by it. Jello should be out of the stomach by now. Would have been a different story with milk - it tends to stick to the stomach wall for much longer. But jello, eh.
But when all is said and done, it's ultimately up to your endoscopist.
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The reason you need to call the office is that they know what there looking for, ruling out, etc.

There are some issues that the red wouldn't be a problem for. There are other issues that it would be. And you're right, it most likely is out. But, that's a call your practitioner gets to make.
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And no, red jello does not linger in the stomach just because it's red. Some foods are notoriously more difficult to flush down than others. Drinking lots of liquids afterwards was a good call. You have to stop a few hours before to prevent aspiration during scope insertion but fluids leave the stomach really fast.
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Update: Endoscopy went perfectly and there was zero residue of anything at all visible. Thanks M.!
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Thanks for the update, glad it went well!
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