Most Professional Bang for the Buck?
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I'm graduating with my Bachelors in Logistics and Supply Chain Management & Administration in a few weeks. What should my next steps be?

This is a dual major degree, my advisor talked me into adding on Administration as it was only 4 extra classes, but I'm mostly interested in Logistics and Supply Chain.
Since the company I currently work for paid half of my tuition, I'm obligated to continue on here for at least the next 18 months. While I'll be looking at opportunities internally, what can I do in the meantime to make myself more attractive for the job market in that time-frame?

Professional organizations worth the membership fees?
Professional certifications for Supply Chain managers that would be good to pursue?
Any general administration certs or orgs that would be awesome even if it isn't my main focus?
Any other general tips or insights you feel like sharing would be welcome!
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What are your goals?
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Response by poster: Oh yes, that would probably be helpful!

Next 2-3 years: Move into a Supply Chain or Distribution department to get actual experience in that area (I'm currently in contracts).

In 5 or so years: Mid-level manager of a company in their Supply Chain or Distribution departments, working towards getting the experience to move upwards to the Director level in another 5-10 years. (This might require an MBA?)

I'm currently working in medical devices, so I'm familiar with the industry but I'd like to try out others, because medical sales are pretty crazy-making long term. I love warehouses, transportation, shipping, and solving weird problems.
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Conferences are great if you can get someone else to pay for them. MODEX, Manhattan Momentum, JDA Focus, and CSCMP's conference are great. Those of us in my company who attend every year generally bring back something that we end up implementing. However, I would advise against paying the $1000+ price tag to go to one on your own.
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