Need to record 8 hours of continuous video, on the cheap
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I need to record an upcoming training classroom session from start to finish. All the videocameras I see, as well as iDevice apps that I can find, record in high def and can't store nearly enough footage. Low quality video, akin to a 1990s camcorder, is a tradeoff I'm willing to accept. I need the 8 hours to run continuously - no pauses to change storage cards or upload content in order to create space for more filming. Is there an app that will do this? If not, what's the least expensive solution?
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Laptop webcam?
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If around $50 is low cost enough, you can get a nanny cam/security camera that will record hours of footage to an SD card. You could buy one and then resell it on eBay afterwards.
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A 64GB SD card will hold about 9.5 hours of video at 720p, 30fps. You may find that the camera "chunks" the video into separate 4GB files,but it will record continuously. []

I use Drift Ghost-S []. The bigger problem for me was power, not storage. The Ghost will record for maybe 3 hours off the internal battery, but while externally powered, a 16000mAh pack (Anker, I think) keeps it running for over ten hours. []
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There are security cameras like this that will record to a micro SD card for days.
For more money you can get into security DVRs.
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You can livecast on YouTube (privately if you need to) and review the video there unless I am vv mistaken - I will check and post back later.
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