Where do the files I download from Google Drive go?
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I hit download, and it completes, but I have no idea where the folder is. Googling the problem hasn't helped. Windows 10.
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Can't you search for the file name and when it pops up, right-click to see path?
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I'm pretty sure that you can set the root path in the Drive client settings so you could open that to see where the filesystem start.
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I searched for the file name and the bar just keeps extending, it's been a few minutes now.

And I can't find any detailed settings menu, could you direct me more specifically?

It's kind of ridiculous and it's souring me on Gdrive which I've loved up til now. Shouldn't I be able to sync a folder up and have it echo what's on my gdrive?
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It should be in your default downloads folder. Google, copying Apple's marketing style, would prefer you to not think of it this way, hence the confusion is intentional. They would rather you sync your drive with your PC, iTunes style. Microsoft does something similar with their OneDrive.
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When using Chrome, in Windows 10, if I download something from Google Drive, the downloaded item appears in the bar at the bottom of the browser window, with a downward pointing arrow just to the right of the file name. If you click on that arrow, a pop up menu appears, which includes the option to see the file in the folder where it resides.

In my case, that turns out to be the default downloads folder, as Obscure Reference said. But if it's something else in your case, you can use this method to learn what the correct location is.
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Weird, if i download a .docx it pops up immediately in the download folder, but it doesn't work for mp3 files, or pictures. No 'download' queue appears.
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Most answers will tell you where it's supposed to go. You probably already know where it's supposed to go.

A program called Locate32 will maintain a comprehensive list of all files on the drive. Running it for the first time will be time-consuming, but after that the updates are not bad, especially on a SSD. I have often had to hit F9 to refresh Locate32 to find something I just added to the drive.
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Ah - it looks like some files just weren't downloading from Gdrive on Chrome. It works on another browser. Mystery solved, should have thought of that sooner. Still weird though.

Thanks for the help.
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On most browsers Ctrl-J opens a downloads page or window (not the default downloads folder) showing recent downloads from that browser. Right-clicking an item on that list will typically bring up "open containing folder" or the like as one of the options.
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Thanks all - it was a chrome bug. Happily I am not going mad. Unhappily my chrome is a bit borked, so that may be my next question...
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And one last post, to note that I ran the Chrome Cleaner tool and it fixed up my problem. Hurrah! Favorites for all!
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