Birthday gift ideas for hubby
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I only ask here because the birthday is approaching and I'm getting desperate! He is a computer engineer. I believe his interests are varied: he likes to draw, fiddle with things, spiderman, culinary experiences. Any and all suggestions welcome! Things I've considered: something from thinkgeek or one of those food of the month subscriptions.
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Wacom tablet?
Thin light box for paper drawing?
I have both and use them all the time.
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where are you located? in major cities sometimes the high-end restaurants have "chef's tables" or kitchen tours or the like. I am also an engineer with a passion for culinary experiences and have wonderful memories of peeks behind-the-scenes during great meals.
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I'm a hard to shop for engineer type because mostly if it's something that I want, I research it, I have strong opinions on what I want, and generally I've bought it already. As such, I'd encourage you to look for experiences rather than stuff - concert/theatre tickets, foodie restaurants, escape the room physical challenges, rope courses, kayaking, whatever sort of experience floats his boat and you can do together.

Providing a price range might help.

If you want a physical object, a few ideas: multitool (possibly engraved. I highly suggest one with a locking blade and personally favor Leatherman), food chemistry kit, one of the multifunction pressure cookers, sous vide cooker, modern camera lucida.
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My husband has a lot of similar traits as yours (esp the drawing and fiddling with things) and he is loving a bonsai tree my mother gave him for Christmas. He keeps it in his office and trims it and waters it and has little wires to direct its growth and everything. He's making me go to a bonsai event of some sort this weekend, even. It seems to suit his need to mess with stuff and also provides a small, soothing distraction at work.
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We did a one-night knife skills class at a butcher shop. They served charcuterie and cheese and it was entertaining and very useful.
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Boldport club! It's a monthly electronics project kit and it's great!
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How about a cooking class with an emphasis on gadgets? A bit Heston Blumenthal-esque with experimental techniques?
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Loot Crate is really fun. It's a subscription box for nerds.

If he likes chocolate, go to and order the triple chocolate covered almonds. Everyone who has tried them becomes obsessed!
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I bought this subscription for my husband for Christmas; we have a good time making the menus together and he was quite pleased!
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I always go with luxury gifts, like a memory foam pillow, or satin pajamas, or face moisturizer (for getting older), nice laptop bag, grab bag of expensive chocolate bars.
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I gave this heavy hardcover Knife Skills Illustrated manual to a friend who sounds a lot like your husband. He loved it.
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If he likes retro computing, how about a MIST FPGA Computer?
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If he likes soldering up things and you want to give him a challenge there is this transistor clock kit. 1250 parts to solder. I'm working on one now, and it has kept me busy for many evenings and I'm only about 1/4 done.
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How about an art supply box subscription from Sketchbox?
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This doesn't help you now, but does your husband keep an online wish list, like on Amazon or something? My husband and I tend toward experiences-as-gifts a lot of the time, but it's always nice to open something you've been wanting for a while, and it saves the awkward situation where the recipient doesn't like/need/want the gift.

Also, what may help you now - I'd suggest a weekend jaunt somewhere you'd both enjoy if you live close enough by car. Like, you've both never seen X but always wanted to go. You mentioned culinary experiences - maybe take a cooking class together? Not cheap but really fun and interesting.
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