Painted or anodized metal bicycle fenders
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Looking for a company or bike shop that sells stainless steel or aluminium bicycle fenders (of this style) painted or anodized to match or closely mimic the factory color of a specific bicycle. Ideally in or around the Seattle metropolitan area, but not a requirement. Not looking for dyed plastic. Does a specific company or bike shop exist that offers this product or service?
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I believe Seattle Powder Coat will color match, and a local bike builder I respect has had a number of frames done by them with no complaints. I'm sure they'd do fenders if you asked.
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I think you're looking for two different things: a pair of stainless steel or aluminum fenders you like, and a local powder coater. Requiring them to both live at the same address might hold you back a little.

It's here in Chicago, but the powdercoat pricing at Heritage Bicycles was very reasonable, some may even say downright cheap.
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