Iceland vacation plans a bit amiss - help!
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When there seemed to be an endless supply of RV's/motor homes for rent my week in Iceland yesterday, I bought my air tix from the US. Today though things seem to have dried up and I'm being offered only trailers mounted on an F-150, which might work if I have to. Plan was to drive around Ring Road etc. and since we're obviously late for this summer, figured that would save the trouble of endless hotel reservations and disappointments. Any MeFites have any suggestions to save my trip?
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Response by poster: Trip is end of June, the spouse and 2 kids.
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As a backup plan, have you tried looking at self-guided tours, which package together a car and hotel rooms along a suggested itinerary, sometimes along with tickets to attractions? There are several reputable ones (I used Iceland Tours). You can usually choose the level of accommodation, from medium-basic to more luxurious. Convenient (you're not juggling multiple reservations) and not too pricey.
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Just for shits and giggles, do your same search using a Incognito window, clear your browser cookies, or use another browser. It couldn't hurt.
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We took a similar sounding trip in early August - took a tent and camped. No reservations, no problems at any campsite and very cheap!
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