Tree ID in Atlanta, GA
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A friend has moved to a new townhome in Atlanta, GA and has asked for help identifying this tree. All of my searches have come up short.

I'm thousands of miles away and haven not seen said tree in person. I realize the second photo is not of highest quality, but I'm hoping you can help. Thank you!
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Post these photos on Dave's Garden, they've never steered me wrong.
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You can also post in the Name That Plant section on Walter Reeves' site. He's based in Atlanta, as is much of his readership.
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Looks like a young river birch to me. Note the bark.
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The leaves make it look like a pecan tree to me. They grow pretty well around Atlanta, my grandparents had a bunch in their yard and would send us pounds and pounds of pecans they'd gotten off the ground every year for the holidays.
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I thought the leaves looked like an elder tree but I don't know if they grow in Georgia.
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I am leaning toward birch as well with that peeling bark, but I'm not sure the leaves are quite right for river. But I'm just someone on the Internet. Your friend should call Trees Atlanta, they are an urban reforestation group with lots of in house expertise and even more amateur but hella smart volunteers all around the city. I bet someone their could give a solid ID.
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