"Pear Chub" Code Stickers
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Near where I work, on a Chicago light pole at Adams & Michigan, is this sticker. Google doesn't yield much of anything useful. Can anyone enlighten me as to what it is, and what the code means?
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As far as I can tell, it's related to a graffiti artist collective. This Tumblr post shows the same stickers. D30 means "Dirty 30," WGE means "Worst Guys Ever," and I'm still looking for the meaning of "N4N" in this context. PEAR and CHUB are artists in the Dirty 30 crew, along with BEGR and WYSE, who was arrested two years ago. They're known for their work on "clean" railcars.
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The Wikipedia entry on "Glossary of Graffiti" also states: Sticker: Also referred to as "labels" or "slaps". A sticker (often obtained from shipping companies and name greeting labels) with the writer's tag on it. A sticker can be deployed more quickly than other forms of graffiti, making it a favorite in any public place such as crosswalk signs, newspaper dispensers, stop signs, phone booths etc. A popular sticker that was used originally was the "Hello my name is" red stickers in which a writer would write their graffiti name in the blank space. Reflector stickers, found at hardware stores are sometimes assembled to form a crew meaning, or individual writer's moniker.
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N4N is Not 4 Nothing, and is another crew, along with Dirty 30 and Worst Guys Ever.
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Thanks, everyone. Curiousity was driving me nuts!
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