Makeup maps for my giant eye orbs
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I have large, round, protruding eyes. I love eye makeup! Can you point me to some eye makeup how-tos or styles that match the shape of my eyes?

Here's my eyeball with some pink eyeliner. Here's kinda my face.

They are:
Large - Round - Protruding - Lid gets buried when open - Deep prominent eye sockets with shadows/high cheek bone ridges - Not much space between my eyelid and eyebrow

Stuff that seems to work:
Always using a primer, Various winged liners, Doing colors just on the lid, Using tape to get a clean angled edge of eyeshadow (You can kinda see that in my second photo.) I've been experimenting with shadow under my eye.

I LOVE seeing a cool metallic smokey eye and figuring out other bold, colorful looks and vintage inspired winged liners. The trouble is 95% of the makeup tutorials are on beautiful almond shaped eyes where you can spread the product toward the eyebrow and out on the edges and get all the depth and wing shape. That just doesn't work on me. I look like a clown and if I don't use tape for a clean winged edge of shadow or put it up toward my brow then it looks like someone gave me a black eye due to my eye socket shape.

So can you point me to more eye makeup that's better for my shape of eyes? I don't mind trying things and looking like a clown before I wipe it off but I have trouble finding a starting place when it seems like I have a weird eye shape.

Also no waterline eyeliner please. I mean I can just not do that step but I get eye allergies and don't like stabbing eyeliner that close to my eye.
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You are super cute! You appear to have hooded eyes, and it's hard to get makeup to show up right with those unless you spend your entire day with your eyes closed just so people can see your lids. I personally don't think you have deep set eyes based on the second photo you linked to; your eyes protrude further than your brow bone like you said, whereas deep set eyes don't.

Here's what I'm thinking (if you haven't done these things already):

1. Look for makeup tutorials on YouTube using the key words "big round eyes". A cursory search with those terms offers up some possible candidates for video tutorials specifically made for round eyed, makeup wearing people. Ditto goes for Pinterest. (If that link doesn't work, the keywords I used were "round protruding eyes makeup".)

2. Consider looking for celebrities with eyes like yours. Nicole Richie, Christina Ricci, Mila Kunis, Zooey Deschanel, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Amanda Seyfriend come to mind for me when I look at the photos you've shown us. These women could be a great guide for you if you like the way their eye makeup tends to look whenever they're in photoshoots or on the red carpet.

3. With those references in mind, it might be fun/worthwhile to head to your nearest MAC or Sephora store if there's one nearby and you like their products. My experience with their makeup artists is that they're especially skilled with eye makeup for a variety of eye shapes and they'll be really open to showing you how to enhance eye shape (which is not weird at all!!!).
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Agreeing w/hermione you are so cutie and you are clearly excellent with style and makeup. when you said round eyes, I was expecting a very different shape. But I could be wrong what is a round shape of eye. Hooded sounds right. I defer to Hermione, who is obvs way knowledgeable on this.

Your eyes are very similar to Amanda Seyfried's beautiful peepers. Like a real match on them. Google Amanda Seyfried for sure and see what makeup artists have worked with her, then check for the makeup artist social media presence. Lots of stuff on snapchat and Instagram.
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With those references in mind, it might be fun/worthwhile to head to your nearest MAC or Sephora store if there's one nearby and you like their products.

Yes! Though you seem pretty skilled already (pink eyeliner looks great on you) . I personally prefer, love and trust MAC artists in the retail stores.
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Hey, Crystalinne! Wow, you are beautiful like an old-timey pin-up gal. I certainly wouldn't call your eyes "protruding," that makes you sound like Marty Feldman or something. You have kind of heavy lids, as do I, and if you search for makeup tutorials on Youtube there are lots and lots of folks who have that same sort of eye. (I learned plenty from Denver William. He's a drag queen, but his looks are applicable to anybody who wants a super glam look.) Makeup tutorials for Asian people are also useful sometimes.

There's an old drag queen trick that involves using medical tape under your wig to hike up your brows and lids, but that is a pretty hardcore diva maneuver and not suggested for everyday use! If it is something you want to try, a quick Googling will show you how.
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Ah. The gigantic anime eyeball. I feel your pain, because I too have gigantic anime eyeball. For anime eye, I think that the shadow cat eye is much easier to create than the eyeliner based cat flicks.

My standard look was something like this. Notice how thick the eyeliner is at the outer edge of the upper lid. People with protruding eyes can get away with this because there's just so much damn real estate. If I wanted to minimize my eyeballs I did do my water line, but mostly I just embraced the anime eyeball with dark shadow and a nude lip. This look works with almost any dark color--green, blue, brown, black. The important thing is not to extend the darkest accent color above the lid crease, because that will make the distance between your brow and lid look even smaller. I put the lightest highlight color under the brow with the most emphasis on the bone. Then the medium color on the whole lid, blending into the crease and out away from the eye in a straight line to create the catty look. The darkest accent color follows the lash line and is blended out toward the crease on the outer edges. Fake almond with a hint of feline. See Christina Ricci for a brownish version.

Ironically, my "party eye" used way less eyeshadow but was more adventurous. It looked something like this. This is just muted matte midtone and much thicker eyeliner with the teeniest eyeliner flick, but the lower eyeliner was a very pale and shimmery product that extended out to create a long "reverse" flick. You might enjoy trying that one. I can't remember where I saw it first but I've seen many versions of this look over the years.
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Thanks, yes, anime eye! I tried different search terms in the past but it seems like I have a blend of in-between eye shapes. Thanks because some of these are exactly what I need to know how to transfer that look to my eye! I'll be working on it!
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P.S. Chiming in here rather late to say that your eyes aren't "hooded" (think Renee Zellweger or what happens to most people's upper eyes with aging); that is something totally different. You simply have big eyes and, therefore, adequate-sized eyelids are needed to cover the dang things. ;p [I have similar eyes/lids.]

So looking up tricks for "hooded" eyes are not at ALL what you should be doing.
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