Beyond "The Bins"... Thrift Stores in PDX
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What are the best thrift stores in portland these days? I'm looking for places with nice finds, but without the not so nice "vintage" price markups.
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In my opinion, vintage shops here basically break down into mildly overpriced, overpriced, and really overpriced.

Depending on what you're looking for, I actually like Buffalo Exchange. Their prices on the old-man sweaters I like tend to be pretty reasonable. Their biggest markups are surprisingly on non-vintage mall brands. They don't seem to know what to do with a 30+ year-old Shetland Sweater.

William Temple House in NW is still OK, but their selection isn't what it used to be.

The only Goodwills worth visiting are the ones on 6th and 82nd-ish. Both are less picked over and less overpriced than the downtown and Hawthorne shops.

There's a few places on Division around 35th-40th that are worth a look, but they're better for furniture/home goods.

TLDR: The "vintage" prices of 5-10 years ago are long gone in Portland proper.
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The "vintage" prices of 5-10 years ago are long gone in Portland proper.

This. I would say much of the suburbs are this way too. The thrift stores down south of town (Silverton, Salem, etc) can have some finds, but that's a hike and a half, and prices aren't much better. You gotta hunt for finds these days in town. There aren't any thrift stores left the way you describe them in town anymore.

Red White and Blue out on 99E is pretty legit, but their prices are creeping too. The closest thing I can think of that actually matches your description is all the way out in Madras.
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I like Village Merchants at 40th and Division.
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I really love the Red White and Blue in Gladstone on 99. Unlike furnace.heart, I don't find their prices to be creeping up. They have different sales on different days of the week. If you feel like a drive to Sandy, you might like their Goodwill. I've had amazing luck there.
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Give and take in Kenton!
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Not in Portland proper, but Tigard and Vancouver still have Value Villages.
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